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Quirky ideas to revamp your home this year

The last couple of years has been a long rollercoaster ride and most people are looking for a positive change in their lives. One of the ways you can make your space more vibrant and positive is to change a few things in your home. It can give you a fresh perspective on things and give your productivity a boost. The smallest of changes can make a big difference without you realizing it. Here are some quirky ideas that can make you feel refreshed and energetic again!

Ideas to revamp your home

  1. Art on storage units – It is an idea that you may find unconventional and unsettling. However, it can make your place look like an art gallery. You literally do not need walls to hang your paintings or portraits, instead, look for places that are unexplored. Hang art on shelving units, put the newest pottery on your computer table, and add a potted plant beside your books. Break free of the conventional notions of where art should be and you might start seeing things with a fresh view! If you are unsure of how that might work a trick you can use is to empty out all the shelves and get rid of all the items around and begin again.
  2. Give black a shot – A lot of people completely dismiss black as an option for walls. It is an intimidating colour and if you are planning to use it, it has to be used in places where it uplifts the room rather than the other way around. Black is a good choice for rooms that have plenty of natural light pouring in or on walls you wish to hand your paintings. If you are a fan of mixing styles and collecting furniture pieces from all around the place, black can give a nice and even background to display your collection.
  3. Rework empty spaces – A lot of houses have a redundant corner that is difficult to incorporate into the house in any way. Figure out creative ways to get the corner to brighten up. For example, an abandoned fireplace, a dingy basement, and an old garage can all be used successfully as a part of the house. If it is an outdoor area, you can use it to create your own vegetable patch. If it is a fireplace, then you can close it up and use it as a showplace for some of your art.
  4. Rearrange the house – Sometimes the monotony of looking at the same things in the same place can get too boring. You can start anew by rearranging all the furniture, art, and appliances you have in your home. For example, start by changing the place where you normally work and move your laptop table to another location. Rearrange the furniture, the art, and the items in your home.
  5. Restyle your furniture – If you have used the items in your home for the arrangement for a while, then it’s time to switch it up. For example, a vase is good for arranging a bouquet as well as for acting as a planter. Arrange your jade and pearls in these vases and watch as your vase turns into a new piece of art. If you have a bookshelf filled with books, it’s time to take them out and create an art gallery by placing pieces in individual slots. Restyling the furniture can mean exploring its uses and changing its location and the look of it.

Quirky ideas to refresh your home start with the scope of your imagination!

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