English poems for kids

Why is Learning English Language Important?

You might have seen kids who can read English stories or recite nursery rhymes with proper punctuation. The reason why they can read and recite so smoothly is that their parents helped them learn how to read and recite poems and stories before they got admitted into preschools. Children’s interest can be developed by their parents reciting various English poems for kids and reading out various bedtime stories to them. A child who can read, write and recite properly has a very bright future in school, college as well as in any job. Participating in various essay competitions, reciting competitions helps them to earn extra credits, which improves their scores. 

How to Improve Writing in English?

There are various ways by which parents can help their children to improve significantly in the English language. Apart from improving their reading and reciting skills, parents should also focus on improving their writing skills. A child who has an improved writing calibre can achieve great heights in life. There are many ways by which kids can improve their writing skills in English.

  • Read everything – the best way to improve your child’s writing skills is by encouraging them to read as much they can. Reading helps them to know about different terms and the context they are used in. Reading also helps children to learn how to form different sentences. It is through reading different storybooks or short comprehensions that students develop their idea about how to communicate their thoughts through q. 
  • Practise writing – it is important that as parents, you urge your child to write about whatever comes to their mind from a young age. They can write about the story they read or write about a story on their own; they can also write about various topics that are assigned to them as per their age. Essay writing in English is another way through which children can develop their writing skills from a young age. 
  • Know words – it is true that children of young age can retain much more information than elders. But if they try to remember something without knowing its meaning, then it can prove to be difficult. So as parents, one can introduce the habit of keeping a dictionary close by and using it to look up the meaning of whatever new words one’s learning. Using a dictionary/thesaurus from a young age not only helps kids to know the meanings of what they are writing but also build a good vocabulary which would be helpful for them as they grow up.  
  • Clear grammar concepts – it’s important that before kids start to develop the habit of writing, they should develop a clear understanding of a few basic grammar rules. Having knowledge about elementary grammatical concepts will help them to write grammatical-error-free writings. 

These are some simple ways that children can follow if they want to improve their English writing, reading and reciting skills. A kid with a good grasp of the English language has a greater chance of getting into a good educational institution as well as a job.

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