Helsinki-based Yousician

Helsinki-based Yousician, which claims to have 20M MAUs across its music education app and guitar tuning app, raises $28M Series B led by True Ventures

Wolt, Yousician, and GuitarTuna

Helsinkibased Yousician

Helsinki-based Yousician Whether you’re visiting Helsinki, Finland for the first time or you’re a regular visitor, you may not be aware of the many opportunities that you can take advantage of in the area. From a scenic drive along the coast to a slew of quaint cafes, you will be sure to find something to suit your needs.

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Founded in 2014, Wolt is a Finnish technology startup that enables users to order food from local restaurants. In addition to restaurants, Wolt also works with more than 5,000 couriers and more than 1,500 stores across the country. Wolt claims to have figured out how to serve smaller markets, using artificial intelligence and delivery routing software.

Wolt is based in Helsinki, Finland, and started off as a restaurant delivery app. It has since expanded into other verticals. Wolt now delivers groceries, pet food, and pharmaceuticals. Wolt now claims 10 million users and operates in 23 countries. Wolt claims that its platform is more efficient than the wider food delivery industry. Its solution uses proprietary technology to optimize logistics in real-time.

Wolt has over 450 employees in 15 countries and claims to have a strong operational track record. It recently expanded into Japan and Germany. Wolt says its revenue has increased by over 300 percent in the past year. It also plans to expand into retail and groceries. It plans to hire a chief financial officer to oversee its IPO.

Wolt started out with 10 restaurants in Helsinki, Finland. Since then, it has expanded into 23 countries and 129 cities. It claims to work with more than 5,000 restaurants and more than 10,000 couriers. It also partners with more than 1,500 retail and grocery stores.

Wolt has announced a $530 million round of funding led by Iconiq Growth. The round also included existing investors such as Goldman Sachs Growth Equity, 83North, and EQT Ventures. Also participating were Highland Europe and Prosus.

Wolt’s recent fundraising comes as a number of major food delivery startups are looking to raise large amounts of capital. Other companies including Deliveroo and Getir have recently raised funds.

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Located in the heart of Helsinki, Yousician is an interactive music service, akin to Facebook’s music platform. Founded by Mikko Kaipainen and Chris Thur in 2010, Yousician has grown from a modest inception to a bona fide unicorn. The company has secured a hefty $28 million in series B funding, with notable notables like Amazon, Zynga, and True Ventures on board.

The company grew from a modest 14.5 million users in its early days to 20 million users by the end of the year. The aforementioned influx of capital will serve to fuel an expansion of the core product offerings. In a nutshell, Yousician is a well-rounded company that offers a full suite of services. The company also operates its own branded guitar tuner app called GuitarTuna.

Yousician has a grand total of ten employees, which includes its three mascots. The company has a grand total of fifty million in income a year and boasts a robust user base of over twenty million.

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Founded in 2010 by Helsinki-based music education company Yousician Ltd., it is an interactive music service. It offers a plethora of cool features, including a mobile tuner app called GuitarTuna. It also offers digital Q&A sessions with professional musicians. It is one of the best free music apps around, and the company plans to expand its staff and make the app available to a wider audience. It was one of Wired’s top 100 European startups of 2012. It was also featured on The Sunday Times’ coveted “World’s Best Apps” list.

In the past few months, the company has announced plans to localize its product, hire more staff, and forge more meaningful connections with musicians. It has also launched a new feature called the “Guest Teacher Series”, which provides digital Q&A sessions with professional musicians.

Wolt Helsinkibased 530m

Founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2014, Wolt is a food delivery startup that makes it easier for people to get their local shops delivered. With its product, which is available in 50 cities across 15 countries, it claims to be working with 5,000 restaurants and 10,000 couriers. The company uses machine learning algorithms to pick up orders and deliver them to their destination. It has a focus on smaller cities, which have a lower population density and long distances to cover.

Wolt is expanding its operations in Europe and is currently focusing on the corridor running south from Helsinki. It plans to hire 1,000 employees in the next 18 months to accelerate growth. It will also invest heavily in marketing and customer acquisitions. It has also announced the closing of an approximately EUR23.1 million Series B round of funding. This will help the company to expand its product and brand, as well as make key hires. It expects total revenue to reach EUR41.2 million by 2020.

The company also announced that it plans to partner with world-class musicians to bring its music closer to its users. It will invest in brand marketing and artist partnerships.

Iconiq Capital Invests in Helsinki-Based Wolt

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Among the new startups that are making waves in the Helsinki area is Iconiq Capital, a venture capital firm that is backed by the city’s tech community. The startup is looking to grow its business by providing equity investment opportunities to small businesses, startups, and other tech companies. This is a promising move, as the tech community in Finland is growing rapidly. The startup is located in Helsinki, but its founders are hoping to expand into other areas in the future.


Founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2014, Wolt is a technology company that provides food delivery services. Initially, Wolt focused on restaurants, but now has expanded into other sectors. It has operations in 50 cities in 15 European countries and works with more than 5,000 restaurants. The company has more than 530 employees, and it plans to hire about 1,000 more people in the next 18 months.

Wolt offers customers a way to order food from their local restaurant partners through the app. The company’s dispatch engine is constantly calculating the best combinations of customer orders and riders. It then uses the data to help it to respond to problems as they arise. It uses a cloud-based data warehouse to centralize the information in an agile way. The company uses machine-learning models that are constantly retrained to ensure the model is running on the most relevant information.

The company’s data is used to help it generate several revenue generation methods. It also uses the data to support recommendations and predictions. The company’s data includes traffic, transactions, and customer behaviour. The company uses real-time data to analyze its operations and predict problems. The company works with more than 10,000 courier partners, which allow it to deliver food to more than 500,000 customers. The company is also expanding into groceries and retail.

The company has launched its Toolkit, which will enable restaurants to streamline their service and increase efficiency. The toolkit will be made available to 25,000 restaurants on the Deliveroo app, and will speed up food preparation and increase revenue. In addition, it will prevent bottlenecks in kitchen operations.

The company is investing heavily in marketing and new customer acquisitions. It is looking to expand into more cities, and will add more than 30 new countries in the coming years. In 2020, the company expects revenues to triple. However, Wolt will first need to make a dent in the grocery delivery business. The unit economics of food delivery are tougher in smaller markets, where population density is lower and orders per hour are less. In these markets, the couriers will have to cover longer distances.

The company has received funding from several sources. Previous investors included KKR, DST, EQT Ventures, and 83North. Others include Tiger Global, Highland Europe, Vintage Investment Partners, and Coatue. This new round of funding will help the company expand internationally.

The Finnish startup is on a hiring spree, with Wolt targeting to hire about 1,000 new employees in the next 18 months. The company is also expanding into more cities and into groceries, and will look to invest heavily in marketing to drive growth.

Earlier this year, the company raised $180 million in growth capital, and it has also secured $30 million in Series B funding. The company has more than 530 employees, with over 15,000 courier partners.

Iconiq Capital

Founded by former Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley bankers, Iconiq Capital is a secretive family office that manages the wealth of some of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley. It has a wide array of investments, from the well-known likes of Deliveroo to the lesser known likes of Primer and Figma. The firm has also managed to make a splash with European investments, including the Belgian data platform Collibra.

The company’s latest round of funding, announced in January, included a pair of unicorns in the form of a payments technology startup and a food delivery service. The unicorns include a payments business that tripled its valuation to $15 billion last month, and a food delivery service that is set to expand into groceries and retail in the coming years. The company’s newest investors include Tiger Global, DST, and KKR, while existing ones include Vintage Investment Partners, 83North, and EQT Ventures. The company also hired Arma Partners as its exclusive financial adviser, which is the first time it has used an outside advisor since the company started in 2014.

The company also claims to be the biggest investor in the aforementioned payments technology startup, although there is no official documentation to back this claim up. The aforementioned startup has raised over $856 million in funding so far, but it is still unclear when or if it will ever go public. Iconiq has a large stake in the aforementioned startup, and it’s also invested in Robinhood Markets, Epic Games Inc., and Datadog, among other tech companies.

Iconiq Capital, as its name suggests, is best known for its pre-IPO investments, but it’s actually been involved with a number of tech startups that have gone on to become huge. It also manages money for some of Silicon Valley’s wealthiest families, including the Zuckerbergs. The company was also one of the first to invest in Dutch fintech startup Adyen, which now has a stock market value of over $40 billion. In the last few months, it’s also invested in design startup Figma, which is a relative newcomer to the Silicon Valley tech scene.

The company is also looking to add to its already impressive family of companies, with a number of new startups in the works. The company has also recently expanded its European operations, with the opening of a London office. Its star performer is its payments business, which is the largest startup in Europe by valuation. It is currently exploring a potential IPO this year, and it has been in talks with European banks to help facilitate its growth. It also holds a small but significant stake in London-based fintech Primer, and has a few notable ties to the fintech world, such as its participation in the Digital Technology and Communications Platform (DTCP), and its own spin-off, Primer.


During its initial years, Wolt focused on restaurants, and it worked with only ten. In the last five years, however, Wolt has expanded its geographic footprint to 129 cities in 23 countries. And, in the past year, it has increased its revenues by triple. The company claims to have figured out how to serve smaller markets with artificial intelligence.

In 2020, Wolt plans to expand rapidly into grocery and retail. As part of this, the company has announced that it will join forces with DoorDash, a competitor in the food delivery space. In addition, the company is planning to double its annual growth in all of its verticals. It also hopes to become an IPO candidate in 2022.

Wolt is a Finnish technology startup that makes it easy to find and order the best local shops in your area. It partners with more than 30,000 restaurants and offers more than 1,500 stores in its network. The company also works with a network of 60,000 couriers. The app lets you choose the time and location that you’d like your food delivered. And, users can rate the quality of the food that’s been delivered.

Wolt has had its share of setbacks over the past few months. The company lost over $38 million in the first half of 2019. But despite this, it claims to have tripled its revenue in the last year. The company, which was founded in 2014, launched in Helsinki, Finland with only ten restaurants. The company claims to have gotten a handle on delivering in small cities with artificial intelligence and has a head start on competing with the big guys like Amazon and Alibaba.

The company has grown to include other food-delivery services, including grocery, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. It has also expanded into Japan and Germany. Currently, Wolt has over 2,200 employees and delivers restaurant orders with help from 50,000 couriers. It also operates a grocery store under the Wolt Market brand.

Iconiq Capital, a Silicon Valley firm that manages money for some of the largest tech companies, has invested in Wolt. The firm has also backed Epic Games Inc. and Adyen. It counts some of the richest people in the world as investors. The fund has a total of $54 billion in assets under management.

Wolt, which is based in Helsinki, Finland, also competes with Deliveroo, UberEats and GrubHub. The company claims that it’s developed a more accurate routing system to handle deliveries in smaller markets. And, it is planning to expand its engineering operations.

In the past, the company has received investments from investors like KKR & Co., 83North, EQT Ventures, Goldman Sachs Growth Equity, and Vintage Investment Partners. The company plans to use the money to expand worldwide. And, it’s looking for a chief financial officer to lead the company’s IPO. It hasn’t announced a valuation for its new round.

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