Adventurous Travel Films

Adventurous Travel Films to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

We all enjoy good films, especially those that transport us to beautiful locations and sceneries. There are many films that take you to stunning locations, landscapes, cities, and civilizations while telling wonderful stories. When you visit a city you’ve seen in a movie or on TV, you experience a sense of connection with that place. 

We have listed a few films below that are cinematically perfect and take you on a journey via adventures, tiny villages, as well as perfect and undiscovered travel spots. So, if you want to watch movies that make you feel connected when you visit them, these films are for you. 

The Bucket List

The Bucket List is a beautiful and feel good movie that teaches us to travel and have adventures before it is too late. The story revolves around Edward Cole, who is a terminally ill billionaire and his new friend. Edward meets a mechanic Carter Chambers, who is also sick in the same hospital room where Edward is. With only six months to live, the two strangers must come to terms with what they have done in their lives and what they intend to do next. They sit down and compose a list of places to see and activities to partake in. Despite their doctor’s recommendation, the two leave the hospital and embark on life-changing experiences. The film is lovely since it depicts the meaning of life as well as stunning scenery and adventures, such as skydiving and flying over the North Pole giving you travel and adventure goals.

Lost in Translation

The film Lost in Translation is set in Tokyo revolving around Bob Harris, an old movie star, and Charlotte, a hesitant newlywed. Charlotte is in Tokyo with her star photographer husband, filming a Japanese Whiskey ad. Charlotte, who has been abandoned by her well-known husband, makes a friend in Bob, and the two strangers in a new land find solace and escape in one another’s company in a quiet hotel bar. The film is about their lovely friendship as well as the gorgeous city of lights and life that is Tokyo. Well, if you’re planning a trip to Tokyo, watch this film first, as it gives you a different kind of feeling about the city.

Into The Wild 

Into the Wild, is a movie that takes us on a journey across the United States to Alaska. The film is inspired by a true story of Christopher McCandless, a young child from a wealthy household, who is a brilliant student and athlete. When Chris graduates from Emory University he has his entire life and profession planned out for him, but after visiting his family, he no longer wants to interact with them or the society. Rather than pursuing his job, he donates all of his earnings to charity and embarks on a journey into the Alaskan wilderness. Christopher spends all of his money and lives entirely in the wild. The film is both encouraging and devastating, and it takes us to locations in the United States that we had no idea existed.

Out of Africa 

Karen Blixen, an aristocratic woman, is the protagonist in the film Out of Africa. The story discusses Karen, a dairy farmer, who travels to Africa with her husband Bror, who invests their money in a coffee farm. She soon discovers that her husband is cheating on her and begins to develop feelings for Denys, a local big game hunter, but quickly understands that he desires a more basic lifestyle. They continue to date until a sequence of mishaps forces Karen to choose between her love and her personal progress. Beginning in Denmark and continuing to the British East African province (Kenya today), the film is flawless in terms of setting and plot.

The Way Back (2010)

The Way Back is a travel adventure film about an army commander and his fellow inmates in a prison. Janusz is imprisoned in a remote Siberian camp after his wife reports him as a probable spy, and despite the harsh conditions, he is determined to escape. A snowstorm presents an ideal opportunity for Janusz and a few other inmates to flee. They manage to flee, but that was the easy bit; they still have a 4000 mile walk through the icy Himalayas ahead of them. In order to be fully free, they must cross the Himalayas. The adventure and calamities the crew encounters are discussed in the film along with the beautiful views and setting.


Amelie is a film about a woman named Amelie who is the protagonist of the film. Amelie works as a waitress and is frequently lost in her imagination. Despite her preoccupations, she enjoys assisting others in finding happiness. Amelie’s mission to bring joy leads her on a journey where she discovers true love. The film depicts modern-day Paris and takes us on a tour of the city. It depicts what life might be like in Paris. The plot of the film as well as the setting are excellent. If you are someone who loves travel and aesthetic films, you should not miss Amelie. To watch your favorite travel films all you need is a good TV service, and for that we suggest checking out WOW Cable TV. WOW TV is a great service in terms of affordability, service, channel lists, and reliability. So, if you want to watch movies on a good TV service, try WOW TV.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun is a film that takes you to the beautiful Italy and the city of Tuscany. The story of the film revolves around the protagonist Frances Mayes, a 35-year-old writer in San Francisco, who gets divorced. The divorce leaves her with a severe depression and a terminal writer’s block. Inspired by her friend’s advice Frances chooses to go on a tour to Italy, and while she’s there, she falls in love. While Frances is on the tour, she travels to Tuscany and purchases a villa there to recover her mood by changing surroundings. She settles in among the locals and develops an interest in Marcello, a lovely young man. The film is lovely, and it depicts a beautiful city and its residents.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The plot of the film centers on Walter Mitty, a life magazine employee. Walter daydreams bizarre scenarios in which he is the hero, in order to free himself from the monotony of his day. Apart from that, Walter has feelings for a coworker called Cheryl and would like to date her, but he is too self-conscious. When his work is jeopardized, he embarks on an adventure filled with action and romance. With Walter’s fantasy scenarios as well as his real-life journey, the film is cinematically excellent.

Well, if you are looking for films that will take you to a different world with their outstanding cinematography, you should watch the movies listed above. 

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